When it comes to meeting tight deadlines and maximizing productivity, the equipment you use to get the job done matters. The complete Tender Series from Heartland AG Systems features the most innovative design in the industry, built for faster unloading times, better product flow and enhanced safety.


Tenders from Heartland AG Systems Equipment feature 50º angled hopper bottoms. Why do our designs exclusively feature 50° hopper bottoms? We understand the importance of maximizing productivity. Here are our top three reasons why a small shift in angle can make a big difference.

Increased Safety – Although elevated work spaces are useful platforms for accessing the inside of your equipment to shovel and push product out of the trailer, they can be a potential safety hazard. Tenders from Heartland AG Systems Equipment have 50º angled hopper bottoms, so product flows better and you simply don’t need to shovel. Therefore, there is no need to climb up and down ladders, which reduces the risk of falls and accidents.

Faster Unloading Speeds – 50º degree angled hopper bottoms make product flow smoother and discharge rates of 4,500 pounds (1588 kg) or more are possible. Pair that with the 270° Swivel Auger which eliminates the extra time spent driving around trying to line up the equipment before unloading. The auger will come to you, making it more convenient to unload wherever you might be. You can rest easy knowing this line of tenders will keep your operation moving at peak efficiency.

Less Downtime – The 50° hopper bottom of the tenders from Heartland AG Systems Equipment make for faster and easier cleanout. Not to mention they’re built strong to withstand constant use over rough roads and driving through ditches. Less downtime spent on cleaning and maintenance means more time to spend on what is important – getting the job done.