Get the most out of equipment and machinery.

Ag retailers spend a lot of time managing their margins, but often not as much time thinking about how to get the most out of their machinery and equipment. But in a world when equipment costs are on the rise, the need for efficiency is high in demand.

Efficient machinery management means having the right size and type of equipment available to do the job at the right time for the least cost.1

At Heartland Ag Systems we know your needs increase as the operations of your grower customers expand, so we are continuously working to provide solutions that help you succeed.

Below are three businesses sharing how Heartland AG Systems application solutions save time and money by gaining more efficiency per acre.


Brett Shutte, Operations Team at Three Rivers FS

Brett Shutte and his team were in need of a combination applicator that would provide efficiency for their operation year-round. The Trident 5550 has given his team the ability to apply fertilizer in both the spring and fall, and with the help of AIM Command FLEX, his team has been able to ensure a constant application rate and spray pressure, even when the sprayer speed changes, creating additional efficiencies in the field.

“AIM FLEX has made spraying efficient for us. And the larger spray tank enables us to make fewer trips back and forth to town which is a more efficient use of our time. Plus, the conversion from liquid to dry is very fast – less than two hours from start to finish. The most efficient machine I’ve ever seen,” said Schutte.

Shutte’s team was one of the first to purchase the Trident 5550 from Heartland Ag Systems and their story is a great example of the kind of service we strive to provide every day to our customers.

“The team provides exceptional service. They have been stellar with servicing it (Trident 5550) over the last two years.”


Nick Breidenbach, General Manager at Central Dakota Frontier Cooperative

The RBR self-propelled applicator creates efficiency. Higher speeds on the road means more time in the field. Increased capacity in the field means applying more pounds of fertilizer per acre. And the simple benefit of all-wheel drive, means not getting stuck in wetter spring conditions while doing it.

For Nick Breidenbach, the RBR has been an effective tool in helping to mitigate risks in all three of these areas.

“Since transitioning our entire fleet to RBR, the cost associated with breakdowns has been reduced and downtime related to being stuck in the field or having equipment being serviced has also been reduced,” said Breidenbach.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact that RBR is designed for use during pre-plant and post-plant seasons, which maximizes the return on investment all year long.

“The key to profitability in the agronomy sector is always directly related to the services that we provide, and for those services to be profitable it’s imperative that we maximize efficiency both in acres applied per machine and active use per machine. The RBRs help us do both.”


Technology with Raven’s Fleet Management 

Raven’s Slingshot® platform gives ag retailers and growers the ability to sync operations from the office to the field. With Slingshot Fleet Tracking you can gain insight into an operation’s entire fleet and system, analyze current and past Slingshot work orders and report back on data such as acres covered or machine usage. In addition, notifications alert users on system events tied to any Raven hardware connected to the machine. The alerts are completely customizable by user type, urgency, location, and system.

This tool allows users to wirelessly track the location and other important information about their trucks, vehicles, trailers, tanks and other moving assets by providing accurate machine running data in real-time. This gives ag retailers and enterprise growers a holistic view of their entire fleet — including work, idle and transit times — to better manage their equipment, assets and operations.

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