Agriculture can be a dangerous industry, especially when working with large equipment. Every day about 100 people working in agriculture suffer a lost-work-time injury*. Heartland AG Systems is committed to increasing safety measures on our equipment and reducing risk for our customers.

In the application sector, operating tenders has historically been risky for drivers. Traditional elevated platforms have a purpose for accessing the inside of your equipment, however accessing these spaces is dangerous. Climbing in and out of them to check levels or ensure complete cleanout of bins is treacherous, as the potential to slip and fall is high.

Our Heartland AG Systems Equipment MT Tender series provide self-cleaning bins. With this feature, drivers are no longer required to climb on the tenders to free up product. Instead, with 50° angled hopper bottoms, product flows easier. Scaling up and down the tender is no longer needed, reducing the risks and accidents.

While we consider safety to be the most important feature of our tenders, it also helps increase unloading speeds and which will ultimately less downtime. Tenders from Heartland AG Systems Equipment are built to move mountains of fertilizer – keeping you unloading faster and running longer. They’re built strong to withstand constant use over rough roads and driving through ditches. Auger discharge heights easily reach over the tallest floatation applicators. All trailers feature our exclusive 50° angled side walls for faster turnaround time and less shoveling to keep your operation moving at peak efficiency.

We manufacture the following Tenders: 

  • MT900-TA
  • MT700-TA
  • MT600-TA
  • 1612
  • MT 32
  • MT 24
  • MT 16
  • MT 10

Find out how a Heartland AG Systems Tender make your operations safer.

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