Heartland AG Systems is eager to announce the new Salford Trident Mounted 80 ft. Airboom.

Retailers strive to maximize their machines and cut down on expenses, and the new Salford 80ft. Airboom can help in achieving this goal. This machine is considered a two-in-one as it can be used to apply dry fertilizers in the spring and fall, as well as side dress during the summer months. Instead of using two different machines for a short period of time, you are now able to get more “bang for your buck” when adding this machine to your operation all while maximizing your success.

At Heartland AG Systems, we focus on entirely application, and we are proud to bring the latest innovation to our customers. With a dual bin capacity of 300 cubic ft. and a smooth ride in the field, the Salford 80ft. Airboom makes the application process comfortable and simplifies your application workload. After test driving this massive machine, you will be drawn into how simple and efficient the new Salford Trident 80ft Airboom truly is.

The Salford Trident Mounted 80ft Airboom Features:

  • 14” SS Mesh Chain
  • 8” Crary Fan
  • 2 Section Individual Chain Control
  • Mounting points used match that of a spinner box AND wet system
  • Quick connects and disconnects
  • Boom fold functions shared from wet system
  • Output: 
    • 850 lbs/ac @ 10 mph with 66 lbs/ ft3 product
    • 50 lbs/ac @ 10 mph with 66 lbs/ft3 product

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