For more than 50 years, our manufacturing plant has been a statement piece to Heartland AG Systems. Heartland AG Systems Equipment allows us to sell our own complete line of high-quality application support equipment, in addition to us selling Case IH, RBR, Salford, and other top brands in the industry. Being a distributor and manufacturer creates uniqueness to Heartland AG Systems as we are continually dedicated on helping our customers in their busiest season, by being able to focus solely on their application needs.

Today, Heartland AG Systems Equipment lineup includes liquid applicators, toolbars, liquid trailers, tenders, and spreaders. The varying models throughout each category offers our customers variety and many options to choose from that best fit their application needs. Our plant has been successful in creating hard working, efficient and accurate equipment for our customers. 

While in operation, the plant focuses on its four pillars: safety, quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery. “These four pillars are what drives the success within the plant,” said Tony Jahner, the Manufacturing Operations Manager. Another factor that drives the success of the plant is the diversity throughout the workplace. Each employee comes from a different background, experience, and age. This ensures that we are continually bringing new and innovative ideas into the plant, all while keeping our four pillars in mind. “All of the manufacturing employees are great workers and do what it takes to get our lineup to the next level,” Jahner said. 

Our employees are direct contributors to continued growth and success year after year. In 2020, the growth in product sales has increased by about 50%. Fast forward into the first quarter of 2021, growth in product sales has grown 52% over 2020’s growth. Not only has product sales grown, but the output of products has increased as well.

The Next Generation

This spring, Heartland AG Systems Equipment launched the VPA 1000 which has the industry’s first variable position auger system. The flexibility of the variable rate position auger allows for operators to unload on both sides of the tender. The VPA 1000 has a struck capacity of 1,000 cu. ft, a 22 ft. auger, unloads at rates over 5,000 lbs./min, and offers a pit dump option. Trailer options are available as well to not only meet your needs, but also stay within regulation. This is just another example of creating equipment with our customers in mind, continued research, and innovation by our engineers.

To keep creating new application technologies, Heartland AG Systems Equipment continues to invest in innovative technology to create more efficient processes. One of the large contributors to the growth of output of products is the manufacturing plant’s new painting system. The new Graco 2KE and 2KS systems were implemented into Heartland AG Systems Equipment in April 2021. These units allow for priming and painting to be done on the same loop on the paint line, essentially cutting the painting process in half. These units also help with improved visibility when painting and increased paint consumption on materials. 

Another advance in technology that has been added to the plant is the new ALM Positioner that will be utilized for welding our large MT 900 and VPA 1000 tender boxes. This machine has the capacity to lift and rotate 8,000 lbs. It will help to improve the safety, ergonomics, and productivity of our welders. Lastly, it allows for more flexibility to weld in various places throughout the plant and frees up overhead and ground space.

Heartland AG Systems has also hired two engineering interns for the summer of 2021. Erik Carl, a student from North Dakota State University, and Craig Santema from South Dakota State University will be under the supervision of Andy Young, a plant Engineer. They will be making an impact in the plant this year, focusing on several different projects to improve processes and efficiency. “I am very excited to work with these two this summer,” said Young.

Heartland AG Systems Equipment is a large contributor to our company’s success and helps keeping our customers eating up acres during the busiest season. For over 50 years, our plant has offered customers the most innovative, high quality, and reliable products to fulfill all application needs. We are thankful for all our hardworking employees within the plant that strive to take Heartland AG Systems to the next level.

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