As fire prevention month comes to an end, Heartland AG Systems realizes that fire safety does not. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are over 11,500 fires related to agriculture every year. These fires result in the loss of structures, equipment, and lives. “Fire prevention month is a great time to complete those checks to help keep you, your family, and your employees fire safe at home, in the shop, and out in the field. Please take the time to inspect fire extinguishers, test smoke detectors, and practice a fire escape plan.” Safety is of top priority and should not be compromised during your busiest season.

Follow the tips below given by our application experts to ensure a safe season and one that will keep you running in the field:

  • Be sure to keep the engine compartment and battery box free of dust a debris
  • Keep equipment clean and well maintained
  • Immediately clean off any oil and hydraulic fluid spills
  • Check often to ensure exhausts are free of all debris
  • Examine all electrical and hydraulic lines before heading out for the day
  • Conduct a yearly Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Following the tips provided by our application experts above greatly decreases your chance at avoiding equipment fires, but not all fires can be prevented. Therefore, we want you to know the best steps in minimizing damages during an equipment fire.

What to do if you are caught in an equipment fire:

  • Exit the machine as fast as you can and maintain a safe distance away
  • Turn off the ignition (if applicable)
  • Know your secondary exit route
  • Throw the disconnect switch if you can safely reach it
  • Utilize any fire extinguishers or window breakers if needed
  • Call the fire department right away

“When it’s time to apply fertilizer or chemical, speed and efficiency are of the essence. But safety needs to be a priority with all aspects of application,” said Arnie Sinclair, President of Heartland AG Systems. “We’ve all heard too many tragic stories of accidents involving farm machinery. Every day, we prioritize safe operations in everything we do, and we recommend that kind of emphasis on safety in our customers and industry partners.” Heartland AG Systems is here to help you minimize preventable equipment fires by offering our expertise in conducting a yearly Preventive Maintenance Program. Schedule yours today to keep you, your coworkers, and others safe during the busiest seasons.