The right resources for unplanned downtime

The benefits of maximizing your equipment’s uptime are obvious, but as it becomes increasingly challenging to do more with less, growing pressure from competitors, employee shortages and a never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to put off worrying about equipment maintenance until you have to- when your machine is causing you unplanned downtime. This is a delicate balance that shouldn’t be risked going into the application season as every season comes with some level of equipment challenges. And if your equipment is not running, then you can’t service your growers; and the bottom line and your reputation can suffer.

Downtime during peak application season can have severe financial consequences. When there’s millions of dollars invested in your fleet to ensure all acres are covered effectively and efficiently, you can’t afford to have equipment sitting idle. You need to know you can get a knowledgeable technician to the field that will get you running as quickly as possible. The key is specialization: relying on an expert who can get the job done right the first time with the least amount of complication. When a mobile service truck pulls in to assist you, you want to have a field service technician who knows exactly what the issue is because they’ve already dealt with this problem before. You need an elevated level of expertise that can troubleshoot quicker, problem-solve faster, and be out of your way sooner.

This level of focus, and application-only expertise and training, is a key component to accurate repairs, quality work and continued optimal performance. The best solution to unplanned downtime is having a service team you trust that understands the importance of productivity during these tight deadlines. With the focused expertise and training of Heartland AG System’s service technicians and fleet of mobile service trucks, they are trained specifically for application equipment and they are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed for responsive on-site service when you need it most.

Application is a complicated business, but you don’t have to do it alone. Heartland AG Systems is here to help. Contact your application service representative about a maintenance evaluation, preventative maintenance program or to learn more about fleet management solutions.