Seed and fertilizer tenders allow farmers to cover more acreage in a day. Having immediate access to refill your planter or spreader reduces downtime and helps you meet seasonal deadlines. Our team at Heartland AG Systems is proud to offer a great series of tenders, and we want to help you select the best option for your unique operation.

MT-TA Series

Our MT-TA series solves your largest fertilizer needs with less effort. You can deliver more product in a timely manner with unload speeds up to 5,000 pounds per minute. This series offers 270° auger swivel and 50° angled hopper bottoms to assist with product flow. 

1612 Series

If you need to move large quantities of fertilizer, a model in the 1612 series might be right for you. It features a rear discharge tender with unload rates up to 5,500 pounds per minute. It also has a 12” auger and is built with strong stainless steel to handle the tough demands within the application business.

MT Series

Rugged durability and high quality are essential during bulk delivery. This series has an unload rate of 3,500 pounds per minute. These models are cost effective and each one offers great solutions!

VPA 1000

The final series in the lineup is the VPA 1000. This series features the industry’s first auger system with variable positions. It has unloading capabilities on both sides of the tender, and provides you with unloading capabilities of 5,000 lbs. per minute.

Seed and fertilizer tenders offer great solutions for farm operations, no matter how many acres you need to plant or fertilize in a day. Our team at Heartland AG Systems is your application experts and here to help find the right tender for you. #WeAreApplication