Floaters are used in agriculture to apply liquid or granular chemicals and/or fertilizers onto the field. They’re typically larger than sprayers and utilize larger tires, too. Continue reading to learn why you need a floater for your own operation.

1. Capable for All Terrains

The number one reason to have a floater is its ability to handle all terrains and sudden changes in the landscape. Its large tires are specifically designed to work in varied conditions. The biggest benefit of this feature is being able to use smaller windows of ideal weather conditions to apply exactly what your soil needs. Between patches of rainfall, you can get work done.

2. Versatility of Application

Floater application equipment is also ideal because of its versatility. You can switch between liquid and granular application, meaning you only need one vehicle to get both jobs accomplished.

This also means you can use your floater year-round to prepare your fields before planting and after harvest!

3. Precise Technology

Most floater models are equipped or able to be equipped with precision technology. This is crucial for reducing product waste and increasing results; both of which are important for profitability.

Precision features could look like specific controls for each nozzle, automatic adjustments when the field conditions change, or state-of-the-art sensors.

4. Designed Tough

No matter which manufacturer you prefer, you can expect floaters to be built with ruggedness in mind. The machinery is made to handle rough field conditions, so it’s made with strong materials and high horsepower.

Some features to look for include: improved engine cooling systems, durable frames, larger tank sizes, and advanced transmissions.

5. Custom Applicators

You may already be familiar with custom application, but having a floater can allow you to apply your own materials, contract your service to other farmers or rent your equipment to other applicators.

Having the flexibility to create another revenue stream can be a major leg-up for your operation. With the proper licensing and training, you can truly benefit from owning your own floater!

6. Straightforward Maintenance

Although floaters utilize complex technologies and bigger tires, they don’t require any more maintenance than other farm machinery would. Your return on investment should be worthwhile, especially when equipment upkeep won’t be too outrageous.

Floaters are ideal for operations, large and small, who want to add efficiency and potential avenues for additional income. Our team at Heartland Ag would love to share our selection with you; we even have great used options! Visit one of our twelve locations throughout the upper Midwest and Northwest United States.