One of the most prominent business decisions for crop production involves chemical application. At certain growth stages, crops need additional nutrient support and protection from pests, disease, and weeds. Some farmers choose to hire custom applicators and others have their own sprayers. It can be a big decision, but there are benefits of owning your own sprayer

1. Choose the Best Option for Your Operation

The biggest benefit of having your own sprayer is being able to make specific decisions best for your operation, land, and crops. You have direct control over the application timing, amount, and style. 

When you own your own sprayer, you make the purchasing decisions. This means you can select a sprayer with specific features that reflect your operation’s practices. 

Below are some of the common features you can select: 

• Self-propulsion
Precision technology
Nozzle sensors
Drift reduction
Height control

When you own your own sprayer, you have the ability to add technology and have total control over crop health. 

2. High Return on Investment 

If you commit to an expensive piece of equipment, like a self-propelled sprayer, it’s important to expect a high return on investment, or ROI. Sprayers have proven to add value to crop production efforts by increasing yields, improving crop health, and limiting compaction during application. 

These aspects are even more critical as more and more farmers are turning to no-till production methods. Owning your own sprayer does add additional inputs, but instead of hiring outside labor, you can complete every application “in-house.” Even if you choose to purchase a used sprayer, you’ll become self-reliant for this step of the growing process and the results will be worthwhile.  

3. Opportunity for Growth 

Being able to own a sprayer is a significant indicator of success and growth for your operation. As more operations become large-scale with several thousand acres to farm, having your own sprayer only contributes to your overall growth. 

There can also be unexpected opportunities to diversify your income if you choose to purchase a sprayer. For example, you can offer custom application services on a smaller scale!

4. Expand Your Knowledge

It’s possible there will be a learning curve to overcome when you purchase a sprayer. You will become responsible for the proper application and use of all chemicals or materials you choose to apply. However, you can use this opportunity to expand your knowledge! Farming involves lifelong learning, so by gaining expertise in this area, you’ll have more know-how to pass on to the next generation of farmers. 

Agricultural sprayers are incredibly beneficial for successful crop production. Our team at Heartland AG Systems would love to help you find the perfect sprayer. We are proud to serve the United States with a full line-up of application-focused equipment.