Choosing an applicator for your operation is a big decision. That is why we have compiled a list of the top machines Heartland AG Systems has to offer through the eyes of those that are working with these machines each day. Our team has pinpointed their top two applicators for each region that they believe are essential for improving ROI in your operation. Keep reading to find your next machine for 2023.  


Best Machines for the Eastern Region 

Case IH Trident 5550 Combo Sprayer 

“One reason the Trident is such a great machine is that it is a combo unit,” says Dustin Skogstad, SW Minnesota Territory Sales Manager. If you are looking for a machine that can swap between dry and liquid application, then your best option is the Trident 5550. This feature gives you the ability to spread dry fertilizer as well as spread high rates of liquid fertilizer, resulting in a better ROI. With a changeover time of 42 minutes from liquid to dry, or vice versa, you will be back in the field in record time. Not only does the changeover take less than an hour with an aerial lift device, but it also does not require a technician on-site. It also allows you to apply all your post-chemical applications of pesticides, making it a truly versatile machine.  

RBR Vector 

The RBR has the largest horsepower, fastest transport speed, and can be paired with the largest box and boom in the industry. This machine has 4-wheel drive making it useful in poor field conditions and minimizes the soil disturbance in the field. On top of that, the RBR was designed specifically for application equipment, meaning you will be focused and achieve the highest efficiency while in the cab. Mike Woessner, the Central and Northeastern Minnesota Territory Sales Manager at Heartland AG Systems says, “The RBR has a lower cost per hour of operation and a larger capacity, so if a customer doesn’t need a high clearance machine, I encourage the RBR.” It is a simple machine that can bring increased speeds and reliability to your operation. 


Best Machines for the Western Region 

Case IH Trident 5550 combined with the Salford Twin Bin Air Box  

With high winds in the west, it is sometimes a concern that spinner spreaders are not effective. The Trident and Salford combination has an 80-foot boom span that allows drop tubes to be added to the boom to place the fertilizer down between the rows. Being able to drop fertilizer in between rows reduces fertilizer waste in an area with high wind and in the end, reduces crop stress. As stated in the East Region highlight, this machine can swap from dry to liquid, or vice versa, in just 42 minutes with light help and a proper lifting device. “With labor shortages, this gives the operator a great advantage as it saves time and involves less operators,” says Ed Zahn, SE Kansas Territory Sales Manager. This machine has a lot to offer, learn more at:  

RBR Venturi 

When countless hours are spent sitting in one unit, comfort becomes a necessity, and oftentimes, it is the first thing that operators notice. The RBR Venturi has industry-leading road speed, along with a four-wheel drive train meaning it can get into the field early and stay until the job is done. Todd Roland, the Western Iowa Territory Sales Manager for Heartland AG Systems says, “RBR (and Case) machines are built so well that I know I can confidently sell one to a customer and expect that they will be happy with their purchase.” If you are looking for a machine with an excellent build, comfortability, and durability to last, the RBR Venturi is your machine! 


Best Machines for the Pacific Northwest Region 

Case IH Patriot Line 

One type of machine that is a favorite of most customers not only in the northwest but all around is the Case Patriot line of sprayers. It is trusted in the industry as a very well-built machine that customers know will have minimal issues. Additionally, the Aim Command Flex feature gives operators extremely accurate application with turn compensation, individual nozzle shutoff, and drift reduction. One thing that gets customers talking is a new machine and the New Patriot 4450 has done just that. The Patriot has an exceptionally comfortable ride, making long hours in the cab a better experience for an operator. The New Patriot 50 series sprayer has improved even weight distribution, minimizing compaction, therefore bringing in a better crop. It has the same features as those in the trusted Patriot line, along with the new air ride suspension, technology updates, and more that will make it an industry leader, hands down! 

RBR Venturi 

“Out west, operators need a versatile machine that has many options for flotation tires, variable spacing, and excellent durability, making the RBR Venturi a great choice,” says Cory Baker, Territory Sales Manager for Southern Montana and Wyoming. It delivers high-output pneumatic systems, for precision application, even in the most unfavorable conditions. The product is placed directly on the ground through individual boom outlets while being unaffected by uneven ground or windy conditions. As stated in the West region highlight, our salesmen have the confidence that these machines are durable and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for operators in the northwest. Read more about the RBR Venturi here:  


As you can see, there are a few machines that come out as top choice units, without question. Each machine has the efficiency, comfortability, and durability that every operator is looking for. It is important to take the time and review each unit as competitive machines can still vary in box size, horsepower, and even the build of the chassis. When you're in the market for your next machine, be sure to reach out to your local salesmen and take the time to analyze what machines best fit your operation's needs.  

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